Welcome to Chemical Coding Web Design

In the totally real and in no way fabricated labs of Chemical Coding Web Design, we like to have our web chemists and scientists focused on building non-volatile websites. We primarily use WordPress as our building blocks for small to medium sized companies.


We pride ourselves on never testing our websites on animals … except on the off chance when they end up on our keyboards while trying to get coding experiments completed.

The design and function of your website is only limited by your imagination and the laws of physics. The cost of designing and implementing websites vary greatly and depend heavily on what your companies needs are. Getting a quote from us after we have had a chance to discuss and understand those needs is always best. On average our fees range between $1500 and $2000. This is an exceptional price for the amount of work and dedication we put into every project.

We understand it can be difficult for a small business to come up with this amount, so we offer a 60 and 90 day payment plan. The payment plan is different for each client and is dependent on the total cost of your project. If you feel this is the best approach for your company, please let us know when you contact us and we will be happy give you all the details of our payment plans.