what is a domain name

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What is a domain name?

You may be saying to yourself, “These technical people keep using the term domain name. I have no clue what that means but they seem so excited about it and keep saying it! I don’t want to seem foolish so I will just keep smiling and nodding. I can always Google it later.”

Google smoogle….. hahaha…. say that ten times fast…. OK, don’t do that. It wont help anyone. Instead, let me tell you what a domain name is.

A domain name is how people can locate you easily on the internet. Your website can end in a lot of different things (.com, .org, .edu) but it’s basically just the name you decided to purchase and use for your website. While it can end in many things like .com or .org and a plethora of other endings, these two are the most common at the moment. You definitely want to pay attention to the ending of a domain; the ending does make a big difference. Bob.com is different from bob.org. Bob might not own both websites and if you type bob.org in your web browser (or Google machine) you probably wont see Bobs website if he only owns bob.com. If you are looking to find a specific audience with your website you may want to consider a different ending to your domain name beyond .com and .org. For example, perhaps you own an independent movie theater. You could purchase the domain bobstheater.movie instead of bobstheater.com. Depending on your hosting, all domain ending (or TLD’s – Top Level Domains) may not be available to you, but you can always purchase your domain name elsewhere.

Be sure to watch out for unintended website names. Sometimes they can be read very different than they were intended. Lets take the site expertsexchange.com as a test case. This site was intended for Experts to Exchange ideas. When reading it you may unintentionally see something like expert-sex-change.com. Probably not the site content you were looking for. Lets try this one… therapistfinder.com or blackhatebook.com …. did you see anything wrong with these totally innocent websites. Sometimes you need to look at it a couple times to see how it can be misrepresented.

*Note: In this particular instance as well as with email addresses, uppercase and lowercase make no difference. BOB.COM and bob.com or even BoB.CoM are exactly the same. As for your email address, bob@bob.com is the same as BOB@BOB.COM as is BoB@BoB.CoM. The uppercase and lowercase are meaningless and have no affect on reaching your intended target in this instance.

We hope this helps in better understanding what a domain is and how it works for you.