how do I log in

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How the heck do I log into my site/account!?


Well, that is a great question. Without logging in you are not able to take proper control and manage all the wonderful data your site possesses.

The best way to access your site or your user account in WordPress is to open your web browser and type in:

From this screen you will need your user name and password. Just replace “” with, well …. whatever your domain happens to be. For example

You should have received a user name and password from the person that built your WordPress site. If they did not provide one, you may want to get in touch with them to do so. If for whatever reason you can not get in touch with them….. well…. as we often times say in the lab….. Oops. Things are about to get a lot more tricky. Its possible to recover an administrator account but its not easy and still requires access to your hosting account to do it.

Note: Please don’t try to log into We have no actual affiliation with and to be honest the site is pretty bad and we think Bob could use our help.