pictures found on Google Images

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Should I use those pictures I found on Google Images?


Let me put it to you this way…..NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Almost all images you see on an image search through Google and other sources are copyright protected. This means you could find yourself in some serious trouble for using an image without proper permission. If you are caught using an image that you did not create yourself or get permission to use, you could face some heavy fines.

Trust me its not worth it. You could see yourself paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars for using just one simple little image on your site without permission. I am not just talking about a random celebrity or famous image of some kind. It could just be a stock photo of a smiley family. You can find plenty of images for pretty darn cheap from various websites that license stock images. You can also find free images that only require attribution to use them.

Just like anything in your business, make sure everything is legitimate and you are fine. You can try sites like or These are both very good sites with thousands of images to choose from.